Trusting the Process Since 1997

3 Aug

Now, I can call myself a sports fan all I want, but that won’t convince you. For that reason, I come today with a story. It is a story from years ago, in the mythical place called Kauffman Stadium. That’s right, you get to hear the story of my first Royals game.(Note

(Note #1: I am 20 years old, and to the best of my knowledge, this game occurred in 1997 or ’98. The point here is, I have been a Royals fan all my life.)

(Note #2: This story probably isn’t entirely true. Not that all the events aren’t true, they are. I’m just saying that the details may not be right. For example, this probably wasn’t my first Royals game, or maybe some of the players are wrong. Either way though, this experience was very indicative of my life as a sports fan.)

As a five year old, I was excited for nothing more than the idea of a Royals game. (Well, besides maybe the start of tee ball.) Reason number one I was excited: Johnny Damon. Johnny was my favorite player. My brother Lucas and I had his Arizona Fall League card, and I really loved him. He hit left-handed like me, he threw left-handed like me, and he was the best hitter on the team.

via Trusting the Process Since 1997.

via Trusting the Process Since 1997.


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