How to get more movement on your two seam fastball

17 Jul

Getting more movement on a two seam fastball is a very difficult thing to do. Throwing a two seamer with control is difficult enough as it is, however if you can pitch with a decent amount of control already and your arm has matured to wear you are ready to throw breaking pitches there are some general ways to get more movement on your two seam fastball. I say general because arm strength and speed are key elements to throwing this pitch effectively. What follows is a guide to throw a two seam fastball and get the most movement on it possible while maintaining control because if you cannot control it the pitch like any other is useless.

The grip is the easiest place to start. Movement on pitches is always primarily dictated by the grip. You will want to employ a grip in which you have your index and middle finger over the the seams where they are at the narrowest on the ball. Both fingers should be touching the seams from the tips to the balls of the finger. The thumb is seated underneath the ball lined up between the index and middle finger on that seam from the side to the middle of the pad.

Hold it firmly but don’t “choke” over overgrip the ball. Apply slightly more pressure with your index finger to get more movement. Over time you will find just how much pressure works for you. The more pressure the greater the movement. The more pressure you apply also makes the ball more difficult to control which is why you will want to practice this for a fair amount of time to find what works for you.

You will want to throw this the same as you do a fastball snapping your wrist downward as you release the ball. The result of this when thrown properly by a right handed pitcher is that it will cut in on a right handed batter and tail away from a lefty. It is important to remember to not overthrow the ball or try to force movement by twisting your arm unnaturally or releasing the ball from a side angle from your hand. All the action o this pitch is generated out in front of your body and only with a top grip release point. Any other variation of this will result in a rather flat fastball and undue strain on your arm.

A good two seam fastball is a valuable weapon if it is thrown properly. It is not suggested for kids who are still growing or have already experienced arm problems. Kids are better served learning a change up rather than a higher stress pitch like the two seamer. However if you have a mature arm and good mechanics the above detailed steps will allow you to throw a two seamer very effectively assuming you have the arm strength to maximize movement and learn to properly apply pressure to the ball. This is a pitch that requires a lot of practice to perfect but the dividends it pays are well worth the effort.


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