How you get your name on display at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California

13 Jul

As a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers you may be wondering how to get your name or message displayed on the scoreboard of Dodger Stadium during a game. The process is simple and affordanle, so easy in fact even I was able to follow the instructions to get the job done. What follows is an overview of what you can and cannot expect to see as well as pricing, messages awhich are allowed, and the proper contact information and process to follow to get your name up in lights.

The first thing to realize is whatever you reuest to put on display is not actually going to be diplayed on the Dodger Vision or Matrix Board located in the outfield but rather the ribbon board which wraps around a section of the tier on the upper deck. You may not be able to see the message depending on where you are sitting as the LED Ribbon Board appears just behind first and third base. Messages are displayed in the middle and immediately after the third out of the third and sixth inning. Requests for a message may not include any foul, obscene, inflammatory, or questionable language and the Dodgers reserve the right to edit or deny any message request. Messages can be up to forty charachters long including spaces and punctuation marks so choose your words wisely to be sure you get everything in. The message may not be used for commercial purposes however something along the lines of “Welcome employess and family of company xyz to Dodger Stadium” would be acceptable. Just don’t expect to get something like “Company xyz opens new location on 1234 East Ave. in L.A.” up and you’ll be fine.

The cost of getting your name or message on the Ribbon Board is $50.00 and the proceeds go directly to the Dodgers Dream foundation which is a 501 c3 non-profit organization (Tax ID 95-4623022), so your money will go to a good cause helping people. Ribbon Board messages must be submitted no less than three business days prior to the game you want ot to appear but acting as early as possible is your best course of action as space is limited and requests are handled on a first come first served basis. Once your request has been approved your credit card will be charged so you have a record for future needs including a tax deduction if so desired, a confirmation e-mail sent directly to you, and a 5×7 color photo of your message taken on the Dodger Vision screen located in left field. Please remember your message will not appear there during the game, the photo is taken at a different time for the purpose of the photo shoot alone.

To place your Ribbon Board request the Dodgers provide three easy options. The first is you can e-mail which is also the point of contact electronically should you have any questions. The second is to visit the Dodgers official homepage, navigate to the Ribbon Board page from the options provided on the top of the homepage, and then submit your request by clicking the green “order now” tab located about 3/4 of the page down directly in the middle of the page. If you prefer dealing with a person you can call 323-224-1435 to place your request as well.

As you can see the Dodgers make getting a Ribbon Board request very easy to do and affordable as well. Best of all is the money you donate goes to a very worthy cause. It’s easy to get your name in lights or pass on a unique message to a friend or loved one at Dodger Stadium, it just takes a little planning and a small donation.


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