Clemens Not Guilty. Can We Get Back to Business Now?

19 Jun

Orange Husky Productions

Today was the culmination of a five-year ordeal involving Roger Clemens. “The Rocket” was acquitted of all charges against him which involved perjury, obstructing Congress, and making false statements—all stemming from his testimony on February 13, 2008.

Five years, a mistrial, two dismissed jurors, a millions of dollars later, only one thing is clear: This was a complete waste of so many people’s time. Sure a jury didn’t convict Clemen’s of lying or being an “obstructer of Congress,” but everyone on God’s green Earth knows the man wasn’t a clean baseball player. Saying he was a non-user is like saying Pete Rose was a non-gambler. This trial just proved that when you have a lot of money and fame you can buy whatever verdict you want (see O.J. Simpson circa 1993).

In trying to find an exact dollar amount that was spent on prosecuting this trial (twice), I came…

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