An Interview with Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, Part I

16 Jun

pen of the phoenix aurorean

Here is part one of my actual interview with Dave Dombrowski, folks; sorry it took so long, but I’ve been considerably busy 😉

Me/Stephany: Okay, can you hear me all right?

Dave Dombrowski: Yes, I can.

S: Okay.  Everybody who follows baseball knows what it takes to form a team: pitching, hitting, fielding, nine players on the field.  If you had to choose, which element do you feel is the most important?

DD: Um…in regards to—I’m sorry, you lost me.

S: (adjusting volume on phone speaker) I’m sorry?

DD: Most important in regards to…I’m sorry, could you repeat that again?  You kinda lost me there.

S: Oh, I’m sorry about that.  I mean, when it comes to forming a team, what element do you believe is the most important: like pitching, hitting, fielding, things like that?

DD: Oh, okay.  Well, I mean, of course if you’re gonna win…

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