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Go Dogs Go!

29 Jun

I’m back in Minnesota again, after a wodnerful whirlwind of a trip to Western New York. There is no better time of year to visit than early June. The weather was perfect, and the lushness of WNY never fails to surprise me. Who knew there were so many shades fo green? Minnesota is far from being a desert, but there is just no comparison to the verdant shades of green that you see in Upstate New York in early summer.

via Go Dogs Go!.

via Go Dogs Go!.


Without Cookies the World Would Be…

25 Jun

What do you think the world would be like without cookies?! We think it would be any combination of horrible, alarming, and downright depressing. But, we want to know what YOU think.Today we are raiding the subways of New York City and joining fans riding to the Yankees vs. Mets game for this in–season Subway Series. If you are in the NYC area you can find us on the 7 Train to Citi Field hosting a cookie giveaway and kick starting our Social Media Contest.Even if you are not in New York, no worries, you can still get in on the action! Join our Social Media Contest by tweeting us @CookiePanache letting us know what you think the world would be like without cookies. Use the tagline “Without cookies the world would be…” The most creative tweet wins and scores 2 tickets to an upcoming Yankees or Mets game. Don’t forget to hash tag your favorite MLB team (we’re Yankees fans at our office, but don’t worry – we won’t be biased in choosing our winner).

via Without Cookies the World Would Be….

via Without Cookies the World Would Be….

Baseball’s Surprising Stats: Mickey Mantle

23 Jun

The On Deck Circle

Which of the three Triple-Crown categories is least impressive?

Home Runs will always be impressive, both for sheer crowd-pleasing spectacle and as an always relevant and useful statistic.  The Dead Ball era has been dead for nearly a hundred years now, and it ain’t coming back.

Batting Average has lost some of its luster over the years as on-base percentage has increasingly gained traction as a measure of a hitter’s ability to avoid outs.  But when a player like Tony Gwynn or Wade Boggs wins numerous batting titles, we understand that we are watching special players.

I submit, therefore, that Runs Batted In is the least impressive of the three Triple-Crown categories.  I’m certainly not the first person to make this statement, and I’m sure I won’t be the last.  But I would like to use the career of a specific Hall of Fame player to illustrate my point.  That…

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CBS Sports Blog: Reflection On Perfection

23 Jun

CBS Sacramento

By Michelle Dingley

It was an entirely different type of torture.  The tension had been building for hours.  Giants fans everywhere held their breath as the last pitch was thrown.  Once the last out was recorded, the team converged on the pitcher’s mound, jumping and screaming.  The lucky ones in the stands, as well as those watching at home, let out euphoric cries, leaping into each other’s arms in celebration of the historic victory.  It was a night Giants fans will remember their entire lives.  It felt almost like November 1, 2010 again.  On this night we didn’t win the World Series, but June 13, 2012 will live forever in the Giants pantheon.  Matt Cain threw a perfect game, the first in the storied franchise’s 129-year history. 

Matt Cain has always been sturdy, reliable, and consistent – and that’s on his bad days.  On his good days, he is spectacular…

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Roger Clemens Guilty of Stupidity

21 Jun

The Klown Times

Sigh, I know you all are as steroid-fatigued as much as I am, but I must get some things off my chest.

Former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens was found not guilty of lying to a grand jury over his alleged steroid use.  Clemens boo-hooed his way through a press conference of sorts outside of the courthouse shortly after the trial ended with his attorney smiling his ass off.

Will this prevent Clemens from getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame?  It shouldn’t, but it just might.

And while Clemens will not see any jail time, he is guilty of being a stupid-ass.  First of all, the grand jury did not seek Clemens out the first time around – Clemens SOUGHT THEM!  After his name came out in the now infamous “Mitchell Report”, no one called Clemens.  All he had to do was lay low and cool the (puck) out.


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Pine tar: A sticky subject for baseball

21 Jun

Some really good points made here. may not agree 100%, but this is nicely done

If You Write It, They Will Come

Joel Peralta, a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, made headlines yesterday when he was caught having pine tar on his glove. This has led to the question, how much cheating still goes on in baseball?

Let me preface, by saying that I’m defining cheating as something that is disallowed according to the rules. I’m not talking about things that are frowned upon, but things that are going to get you ejected, suspended and/or fined.

I’m not naive enough to think that cheating doesn’t go on in baseball. Perhaps it’s from my years of playing and coaching baseball (obviously nowhere near the professional levels), but I’ve got a pretty good understand of what happens during the course of the game. If you don’t think players are willing to do whatever they can to give themselves an edge, you better think again.

There’s been countless tales of players in history who…

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Clemens Not Guilty. Can We Get Back to Business Now?

19 Jun

Orange Husky Productions

Today was the culmination of a five-year ordeal involving Roger Clemens. “The Rocket” was acquitted of all charges against him which involved perjury, obstructing Congress, and making false statements—all stemming from his testimony on February 13, 2008.

Five years, a mistrial, two dismissed jurors, a millions of dollars later, only one thing is clear: This was a complete waste of so many people’s time. Sure a jury didn’t convict Clemen’s of lying or being an “obstructer of Congress,” but everyone on God’s green Earth knows the man wasn’t a clean baseball player. Saying he was a non-user is like saying Pete Rose was a non-gambler. This trial just proved that when you have a lot of money and fame you can buy whatever verdict you want (see O.J. Simpson circa 1993).

In trying to find an exact dollar amount that was spent on prosecuting this trial (twice), I came…

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