Ryan Braun – not guilty doesn’t mean innocent

25 Feb

In the ongoing mess that is the Ryan Braun drug scandal, Braun has been happy to point fingers at the press and world as a whole telling everyone I told you so. No matter what Braun says, or how he says it, it still sounds like a lot of hat air. Braun is still tip-toeing around the real issue – the drugs found in his urine sample. Lawyer speak only goes so far, and the only people convinced of Braun’s innocence seem to be people that were convinced he was innocent when the mess unfolded. But not guilty is a far cry from innocent.

Braun’s attorneys cast as much doubt on everything they could playing games of hypothetical situations and all sorts of potential procedural policies, but that did nothing to convince anyone Braun didn’t dope. It didn’t convince MLB for one who is mulling over an appeal. All it did was potentially create more red tape and even harsher standards for players in the very near future. Let’s look at what happened.

Braun’s lawyers couldn’t argue the science. Braun’s urin sample was delivered untainted and in proper shape to be examined. it was secure when sent to the lab. It was secure when it arrived at the lab. keep in mind, Braun’s signature on the sample seal is a part of the security measures. if the seal was broken, the signature was damaged. None of that was the case.

A guilty result is triggered at a 4:1 T/E (testosterone/Epitestosterone result. Braun was 30:1. that is so far off the charts it isn’t even close.  There is no biological explanation for it that wouldn’t have had Braun in a hospital – the critical care unit at that.

The testosterone that was found was not naturally occurring. It was a synthetic testosterone. How is that explained by mystery glandular problems alluded to over the winter?

The procedures the testing agent followed are the accepted standards of every major professional and amateur sport that employs drug testing. For some reason, when it comes to Braun alone, everything has to be a higher standard. In any other sport at this time, Braun would be out on his butt. Instead, an arbiter that is unfamiliar with drug testing policies ruled that the standards are unacceptable and need to be more stringent. it is no surprise, allegedly, that it was a 2:1 not guilty vote with the second vote coming from the player’s union rep who has a vested interest in protecting Braun whose salary helps pay his. That is not an impartial judge.

Say all you want, toss around all the legalese you can, your attorneys getting you off because they were able to craft an argument in which the scenario exists that something might have gone wrong even though every shred of evidence is to the contrary, even though it defies the laws of science, is not innocent. It is getting great mileage out of your legal defense dollar.


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