Fantasy baseball has begun – have you been burned yet?

25 Feb

When you talk about getting burned in fantasy baseball, usually it means you were on the bad end of a trade or you got a draft pick slot that almost assures you that the first month is just going to be playing the waiver wire hoping to get the pieces you need. Sometimes though it is a matter of other owners not knowing what the hell is going on. You can tell when they draft it’s going to be a long year and a tedious one at that. Sure, they may be so incompetent you waltz to a league win, but the fun of the win is hollow – you just spent a summer beating up on idiots. What are the signs you got burned by being stuck in a bad league.

1. Only 4 owners show up for the live draft. Two leave after the second round and the other guy only hangs around until he realizes, in the 6th round, the other two guys left. Why be one of two people to live draft? No one else is.

2. A Met’s fan burns a first round pick on Johan Santana – and goes downhill from there.

3. An owner starts his first five rounds picking nothing but Royals.

4. The closer rush starts with the 3rd overall pick.

5. Hideki Matsui, of the without a team to play for yet Matsuis, goes in the 6th round.

6. You are dealing with an owner that thinks AJ Burnett will win more games with the Pirates than the Yankees. (possible, but c’mon!!)

7. The 1st overall pick of the draft is Joe Mauer.

8. Justin Morneau goes ahead of Pujols and Fielder.

9. Someone asks why Jorge Posada isn’t on the player list.

10. Stephen Strasburg, of the 150 inning limit variety, goes ahead of Tim Lincecum.

11. Bryce Harper goes in the first 2 rounds.

If you see any of this happening on your draft day settle in for a long year. Not all is lost though, in drafts like this you can grab a guy like Curtis Granderson in the 6th or 7th round because everyone refuses to pick him (except you) because they insist he had a fluke season. maybe Ellsbury slides to the fifth. And yeah… 2 leagues into the year – I’ve seen ALL of this happen already. I’ve got a long year ahead of me…


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