Ryan Braun is still a cheater – just one with good lawyers

24 Feb

Ryan Braun just got a pass from the MLB – not that they want to give it to him. It’s not even a matter of Braun deserving it. It doesn’t even mean that Braun was found clean and did not use drugs. No, Braun got a pass because his lawyers found a loophole to get the case tossed. I am still as convinced as ever that Braun was doped to the gills, but his sheisters did their job and weaseled him right out of trouble. let’s look at this closer.

Braun’s attorneys never argued that Braun didn’t use drugs. Everyone knows he did. There was no way to beat the positive results – Braun broke the rules and used drugs. Period. Braun’s attorneys attacked the cup his urine was in. The lid it was in. FedEx shipping hours. The refrigerator the urine sample was stored in. They attacked everyone except the Easter Bunny pretty much. Everyone in the world was wrong and every material that went into making the cup and lid was somehow bad – forget that Braun is a fecally loaded cheat.

Jeff Passan’s article stated:

“Ryan Braun beat the program Thursday. His lawyers never bothered arguing whether or not Braun had taken the synthetic testosterone that showed up in his urine during the 2011 playoffs. They argued about the urine that showed up in the cup, which Braun signed to affirm had been sealed and packaged correctly. And they argued about the cup that went into a box that was supposed to go to FedEx that Saturday night. And they argued that because the FedEx store was closed and the test collector took the sample home and put it in his refrigerator until Monday – the standard-operating procedure in every major doping program across the world but one not spelled out distinctly among Selig’s 18,175 words – that the sample did not follow the proper chain of custody and thus was invalid.”

Get the picture?

Keep this in mind. If a person tested 4:1 for testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio, they would be guilty of doping. Braun tested 30:1 — 750% higher than the normal ratio used to establish guilt. Braun didn’t have natural testosterone in his system – it was SYNTHETIC.

Ryan Braun – guilty as ever and now even more of a jackass. Somebody needs to trade him to Pittsburgh so he can play out his career in obscurity.


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