Johnny Damon to KC? It’s a real possibility now

23 Feb

With teams tightening up their rosters quicker than usual, Johnny Damon has found himself in the odd position of looking for work. Of all the players that hit the market this year in the over 35 DH genre, Damon was easily the most productive offensive weapon. Still, it is not easy being one of the old men on the block who isn’t expected to get better. Since Ibanez went to NY for pocket change and ManRam hit Oakland for the equivalent of bus fare, Johnny has got to be willing to work on the cheap – and that is why KC makes semse.

The Royals are cheap bastards – let’s not beat around the bush. The Royals are also an organization neck deep in crap on and off the field. Nobody outside of KC notices though because the Royals have sucked for so long. George Brett is being sued for his magic bracelets that aren’t magic. The team has talent but it only seems like a matter of time until they scrap them for more prospects. The Royals need good PR and Johnny Damon can provide that.

Cheap as the Royals are, they can go a million bucks to sign him. Damon is chasing down history – 3,000 hits being the biggest of them. he won’t make it this year, but next year is a solid bet. They can tie Johnny up for two years, get some good press, get a productive player and seel a pile of seats and memorabilia next year when he approaches and hits #3000.

Of course it won’t happen because it makes sense on and off the field.


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