Yankees complete deals for Chavez and Ibanez

22 Feb

The Yankees have reportedly completed the deals to bring Raul Ibanez to new York and Eric Chavev back to pinstripes. Each deal is reportedly in the $1 million range with heavy incentives – Ibanez about $1.1m and Chavez around $900k. It is expected that these will be the last two significant signings or deals before the beginning of the Yankees 2012 season.

Chavez is expected to fill the same role he had in 2011 which is to play some third base to spell ARod and possibly put in some innings at first as an extra defensive option. Ibanez is expected to get the bulk of the time at DH against righties unless one of the other starters is getting a half say off from the field. Andruw Jones is expected to still be primary DH against left handed pitchers.

These signings all but close the door on a long rumored deal for Chase Headley whom the Padres were said to be asking too much for. Similarly, Vlad Guerrero who openly lobbied for the Yankee DH job for around $5m/yr is now going to have to take the begging bowl somewhere else. With Oakland having signed Manny Ramirez to a $500k deal, there is plenty of competition for DH jobs.

Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are both still on the market, but the Ibanez signing leaves no room for either on the roster.Damon was the most productive of the three and will likely land a job somewhere first. Matsui and Guerrero may however be out of luck – particularly Guerrero as it has been said by one GM that based on this winter’s dealings, Vlad is about a $750k signing at best – a far cry from his demands.


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