The DH glut – who will hit when the music stops?

22 Feb

With raul Ibanez tucked away in new york for just over $1 million and Manny Ramirez bringing whatever the hell it is he has left to Oakland, three big names are looking for a job and there aren’t many buyers left. Vlad Guerrero, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are all seeking suitors. Is there any hope for them?

For Matsui, yes. Matsui can produce, despite an early 2011 slump, and will likely be willing to sign for a fair price. teams like Matsui because he doesn’t cause waves, he just shows up to work. That is always going to help him sell himself. I’m thinking Baltimore will give Godzilla a go at around $800k plus heavy incentives.

Johnny Damon will get a job because he can technically play the outfield still meaning the NL is not off limits. I’m not saying he can play it well, but enough to make it a reasonable thing to do. His real value though is at the plate and he is going to want a team that let’s him DH everyday. Kansas City seems right – back where it all began and he’d fit in well. Even if he sucked, he’d be sucking in KC so no one would notice it anyway.

Vlad Guerrero is the odd man out. he has nowhere to go and wants $5 million to sign. No one really wants him at $5 mil. Actually, no one really wants him. All he can do is hit and that isn’t really working out well for him right now either. I love the guy, but no one needs him and his ego is too Jermaine Dye to “sign for less” so he is screwed. I hope he does well in retirement.

In short look for this:

Hideki Matsui to Baltimore

Johnny Damon to KC

Vlad Guerrero – Somewhere near Santo Domingo


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