Fantasy baseball 2012 – are you drafting yet?

13 Feb

Fantasy baseball has kicked off on Yahoo and leagues are starting to spring to life. Like many others, I couldn’t wait to get into a draft and start making moves. As usual, I didn’t quite get the team I hoped for, but I got some guys to work with. This year I went with a new strategy which focused on not going crazy for the first stud that plays 1B I come across. yeah they have the sexy stats, but usually someone comparable is around 2 rounds later still/ So what kind of year am I looking at?

Well…at 1B I seem to have the lovely choice of Nick Swisher or Carlos Lee. They aren’t bad, but geez…I waited too long. That is lesson #1 – don’t wait too long. This year, first basemen seem to be flying early. The rest of the infield I can live with. Robbie Cano is a good pick for stats and fills that 2B void that I usually get stuck with. I can live with Elvis Andrus, and Yadier Molina isn’t the worst thing that could happen. My big gamble, the move that may make or break the year, and is likely to break it, was taking A-Rod in the 6th round. If that weird German procedure they did injecting whatever it was into his body works, he’s a stud. If not, he’s an anchor I’ll never move.

What I take from this is – again – 1B studs went way faster than usual, and catchers aren’t too damn deep this year. Don’t get me wrong, I want Molina behind the plate in a real game, but in fantasy baseball where defense doesn’t count….there are better options.Gardner, Granderson and Hunter in the outfield is good enough, but if they slide…screwed city. Soriano and Eduardo Nunez give me major bench anxiety and Arrencibia is  maybe the beat I have on the bench. At least he’ll play regularly.

Pitching may be what saves me. I went a little starter heavy, but I refuse to get killed with injuries and play the waiver wire for spot starters. Whatever strategy you decide to employ, make sure you do your homework before you begin actively building links. If the process seems too time consuming or difficult, let a professional SEO service take care of it for you. Kuroda and Buerhle are my gambles. Since they both went in the 20+ round range however I am not sweating them too much. I just pray Jared Weaver, Gio Gonzalez, Tim Hudson and James Shields pitch like studs – or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

In the pen, I wasn’t too sure about how I did. I like Valverdeand Huston Street was a decent 18th round gamble. I count on David Robertson, Tyler Clippard and Johnny Venters to not kill me and maybe grab some vulture wins, It’s not great, but it may just be good enough.

Then again…It’s going to be a long painful season. I dogged this draft. Anyone have a similar horror story to share?


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