Josh Hamilton relapses – Texas now cautious on new deal

3 Feb

Alcohol and drug addiction are no laughing matter. Whether or not you are  Rangers fan or Hamilton fan is irrelevant – Hamilton is a human being. There is no reason to kick the guy when he is down. He has a disease that will be a life long struggle, and only a few days ago, that disease won a battle. Hamilton relapsed, and though it is hard to say “fortunately” it was just alcohol, compared to his past drugs of choice, alcohol is the lesser of those evils. For whatever reason, he had a few drinks. Then he went to a bar and had a few more.

Hamilton has apologized, which is a good first step. For the Rangers, all of their concern for Hamilton as a person aside, as a member of their organization there is great concern over this. Hamilton is  free agent and Texas was talking about a long term deal – something Hamilton and many others in baseball thought he’d never get because of his history with substance abuse. He was seen as too big a risk to tie up money in for more than maybe two seasons at a time. Despitye a relapse about a year ago, texas seemed reasy to gamble – now all bets are off.

Texas does want Hamilton back, but there are now doubts about anything beyond a one year deal with a team option. Rumor has it, Texas is worried that Hamilton will continue to relapse, and that the next one or maybe one after that will be when it all falls apart. His GM, Jon Daniels, expressed concern for Josh, but also a lot of disappointment. He has decided it would be best to put off contract talks until sometime during spring training.

The good news is that Hamilton appears to be okay and willing to get some help. The bad news is only for the Texas lineup which may have to do without Hamilton for a week or two early in the season depending on what course of treatment Hamilton and his representatives think is best. Get well Josh – I hate to watch you kill my team when they play, but I hate to see you out of the lineup under circumstances like this more. Get well!


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