More playoff possibilities – Is the MLB getting a little NHL?

29 Jan

Bud Selig announced that rather than have a formula decide division ties to determine who goes to the playoffs, a one game face-off was a better idea. In many ways, I agree. A formula is a bit clunky when it comes down to choosing the better team based on their head to head record, but another part of me says if you won the season series – you earned the pass. I hate to be a cynic here – not really – but I somehow see the MLB getting more NHL or NBA when it comes to the playoffs – and spare me the crap that it’s for the fans. It’s for the revenue.

Adding in another wild card team and possible tiebreakers adds more postseason games which is premium revenue territory. Baseball didn’t give a lick about expanding playoff for the fans for what — almost 125 years? Having an LCS made sense when it was instituted even if it was unpopular. The LDS was okay, but it started to feel crowded – eventually though we all got used to it. Then the wild card came and it got a little more lotteryesque. Now we have the tie breaker and expanded wild card play coming. When does it end?

A big part of what makes baseball special is the 162 games to get to the playoffs. For a long time it was only a few teams with even a shot at the World Series – East played West and and then the WS and that was it – 4 teams played in October. Then it was 6 and soon 8. Is a pattern forming here? The league is not adding teams, no new franchises are even remotely on the horizon realistically. So why keep expanding the playoffs? Again – it’s the money! More tickets sold, more crap at the stadium sold, better TV revenue, etc… if you are a fan and think baseball is doing it for you, I have this awesome set of K-Mart baseball cards from the 80’s I can sell you for  bargain price that will be worth huge money one day.

The last thing baseball needs is to make it where say 12 teams play in October – and don’t think it isn’t headed that way. if that happens, it’s just  matter of who had a few good hot streaks, played near .500 and is healthy when the playoffs start. The season is just a glorified warmup then, not a test. I love some baseball, but damn! Stop screwing around with everything – it’s a slippery slope.


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