Why signing Jonathan Papelbon was a bad deal for the Philles

28 Jan

Four years and 50 million very big, very large dollars were showered upon Jonathan Papelbon to bring his hard throwing, jig dancing self to Philly to nail down the closer role and provide a little stability that hasn’t quite been present the last two years. Philly fans will get treated to 35-40 saves, odds are they’ll see him do the dance whether they like it or not. They’ll also sit there wondering how the hell they paid $10m for they guy.

Give Papelbon a lead and he can usually protect it. That’s not the tag you hang on most $10m closers. I’ve watched Paps from AAA until now, and he was a decent starter, but he’s a better closer. For awhile he looked like he was going to be a great closer. His numbers say he’s elite – he piles up saves with a high of 41 in 2008, but he’s saved fewer each year since with only 31 last year. He’s picking up wins, by virtue of blowing leads and getting bailed out by the offense which Philly can do, but at $10m should they need to? Every year that passes, Papelbon walks a thinner tightrope – and he falters a lot. In 2010, his ERA was 3.90 which for a closer is a joke, and last year it was only a smidge under 3.00 – still not too good.

Paps may do great – I kinda hope he does just so Sox fans have to hear how good he’s doing, but for what Philly spent they could have gotten someone younger, cheaper and better. Hell, the Yankees have guys that can close littering their roster right down to AAA – they’d work a deal out. All that side, I understand the deal – Paps has been in the spotlight and done well. he’s a brand name and he can be sold to the fans buying tickets as an upgrade. he is an upgrade, but then again even Joe Nathan would be and he’s a huge question mark. They needed a name, they got the biggest available early as possible and they overpaid. Then again, they can afford to – look at what Raul Ibanez is raking in.


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