Prince Fielder to the Rangers? It can still happen

19 Jan

Despite showering more cash on Yu Darvish than anyone else was willing to, the Texas Rangers reportedly still have enough money to make a run at prince Fielder. Fielder has been consistently yawning at offers from nearly everyone – which isn’t hard to do when it is Seattle talking. The Cubs are not interested as Theo Epstein has them in rebuilding mode. The Yankees and Red Sox don’t need a first baseman and the Marlins are broke. Milwaukee could get Prince back, but the money issue is a problem unless they get a hometown break. That leaves Texas bidding against Texas, and despite Tom Hicks being long gone, Texas still seems to bid against them self like a drunk on eBay with impulse control problems.

Prince Fielder is looking for a ten year deal. Depending which reports you subscribe to he wants somewhere around $23-$27 million per year. He won’t get Albert Pujols money even though he’s younger – they’re a different kind of weapon and no matter how well Prince gets around on that big frame now, many execs worry about how well he will get around on it in 5 or 6 years. There is a worry he will be primary DH by that time and no one wants to spend that kind of jack on a DH.

There is a rumor going around that Texas may offer a an 8 year $176 million deal which comes in at $22m per year. There has been no confirmation of that from Nolan Ryan, but there has been no denial either. Unless Texas plays this stupid, that is a deal they should be able to close under those terms. The teams that have big money are covered. St. Louis isn’t jumping at the idea of prince in which would have been a good lineup fit but not a financial fit. He’s got a million excuses to turn down non-contending teams. It’s really Texas or nothing if he wants to break the $20m barrier. The question is how bad he wants it – Milwaukee will be happy to keep him, just at a discount.


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