Yu Darvish signs with Rangers for a reported $120 million + deal

18 Jan

**Since publication, it has been learned the actual terms of the Darvish deal are in fact 6 years and not 5 as earlier reported. Darvish will receive $10 million per year with up to another $10 million in incentives available.  Sorry for any confusion.



NPL sensation Yu Darvish has signed with the Texas Rangers according to insider reports just minutes before the negotiating window expired.  According to sources, between the posting fee and deal Darvish received, the sum will total over $120 million dollars. There are no reports on the length of the contract yet although it is believed to be a 5 year deal. Darvish is expected to make about $70 million over the life of that deal.

According to rumors, the biggest sticking points in getting the deal done where the salary and length of the contract. Texas supposedly wanted 6 years, Darvish wanted 5 so he could end the deal as quickly as possible. According to one source, Darvish wants to return to his team in the NPL when the Ranger deal is up – but that has not been verified by the Darvish camp. Supposedly, Darvish came down on his salary demands to get Texas to drop their insistence on a 6th year.

Although signing Darvish is very exciting, many fans and analysts think Texas would have done better to keep CJ Wilson who was willing to give a hometown discount, and spent the leftover money pursuing Prince Fielder. Only time will tell if the move is right. Pitching coach Mike Maddux and his brother Greg Maddux who is a special assistant to the GM both reported being impressed by Darvish and felling that his stuff will translate to the MLB.


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