Meet the 2012 Mets – If you dare

16 Jan

Who plays for the Mets anymore? it’s a valid question given the upheaval their roster went through this winter and the changes that are sure to continue coming. It’s a fair bet that they are guys on the Mets who couldn’t name everyone on their roster – just the 25 man roster – not the 40 man extended. The Mets are if anything, a mess.

David Wright will be back along with…Johan Santana? Maybe? Who is there to root for? I don’t mean to downplay the abilities of the guys on the Mets, but I keep wondering who wants to spend money to watch them? How are the Mets planning on winning any games this year? Pitching is a problem – and that is a generous understatement. The starters are suspect at best. The bullpen is primarily guys who can’t start. It’s like spare parts were pulled together and someone is waiting for Dumbledore to appear and somehow make it magically work. If Santana and RA Dickey are what you are pinning your hopes to – you better hope rral damn hard. That is nothing to be confident about.

Ike Davis is nice, but he can’t protect Wright in the lineup. There is no actual top of the order threat. I’m not sure there is a legitimate base stealing threat on the team. I’m not even sure they have guys that can get on base regularly. As a team. the Mets may hit like .240 this year – and that is not a joke. They really are that bad. You can pitch around Wright all year with no worries.

Defensively..Hope for the best. That’s all that can be said. Adding Jon Rauch, Frank Francisco, Ronny Cedeno and Scott Hairston is nice – if you are looking for depth – not as the feature attraction. Rauch and Francisco have both jumped the shark. They are decent in complementary roles, but they are not bullpen anchors right now. Cedeno and Hairston are nice utility player – not starters. they are guys you keep around just in case everyone else goes down.

The Mets aren’t so much rebuilding and they are reinventing. They have fallen so far that it’s almost a ground up procedure. Meet the Mets if you dare – and don’t act ugly when they lose 95 games – it is already being marked down as year 1 of a 5 year plan. Best advice – learn to enjoy the Yankees for awhile.


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