Yu Darvish still negotiating with the Rangers – deadline draws near

15 Jan

Yu Darvish may well be the most dynamic pitcher to ever come out of the NPL, in part, because he isn’t a true product of the NPL. Darvish had his fastball and skills when he was just a teen and every league on the planet lusted after him. He turned down the advances of the MLB and chose the NPL. Some say his heart will always be with the NPL and his posting is only to help raise enough money to keep his beloved team there afloat. If rumors are true though, he likes the Rangers professionalism and Nolan Ryan. Who doesn’t like Ryan though? I still get a little moist watching video of him taking down Robin Ventura.

The problem with Darvish and the Rangers is the same as anywhere else – time and money. The Rangers want Darvish for 6 years and Darvish only wants to give Texas 5. Each side has a point. The quicker Darvish hits free agency, the quicker he actually makes the kind of cheddar he is worth. For the Rangers, they want to tie up a stud pitcher as long as possible and spread out the pain of Darvish’s posting fee over another year. Because Texas went so far overboard on their posting, setting a record no less, they simply cannot pay Darvish what a starter the quality they are projecting him to be is worth. Texas believes Darvish is Lincecum, Verlander and Sabathia rolled into one flame throwing stud. They want to pay him what Hideki Kuroda makes though – or the neighborhood of that. Texas can’t afford to drop $20m/yr on Darvish on top of the posting fee. If they did, they’d be high.  It would make no sense whatsoever.

The question isn’t so much can they work it out, but will they? The rangers are betting Darvish is being pushed hard to take the current 6 year deal so the posting fee goes through. His NPL team needs the money like Paris Hilton needs random hook-ups. Darvish however is sacrificing – in a sense – a lot of money so that posting fee does go through. Right now is the best chance he has for a huge contract, not at 31 which is where he will be if he takes the 6 year deal. Each side can compromise.

Darvish has to agree to the 6th year. if he won’t the deal may be 50% dead. Texas has to bite the bullet though. They need to toss in another $24 million for those 6 years. That, or give Darvish  a player option 6th and 7th year at a locked in rate. Texas won’t do that though. The deal will get done and Darvish will get screwed. he’s under too much pressure from every angle to make a deal. it was on;y two years ago Darvish stated he never wanted to play in the MLB or America in general. This is not what he personally wants. Texas has to make him extremely happy, because as the Yankees and Sox will tell you. signing them is easy – keeping them happy, healthy and marginally productive is a whole different can of worms.


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