How to become a World Series favorite overnight – The Brian Cashman recipe

14 Jan

There are plenty of Yankee fans that are upset irate fully pissed off that top prospect Jesus Montero was traded to the Mariners for SP Michael Pineda. There is no doubt that Montero has a world of promise, but as I have contended the last year, that promise didn’t seem to be with the Yankees. Let’s look at how this deal is really all win for the Yankees and almost no loss. There are plenty of Yankees fans that aren’t going to buy that no matter how I package it, but in the short term and long run this was a phenomenal deal Brian Cashman pulled off.

Montero is one of the best catching prospects around based on one thing – his bat. He cannot call a game. He is not good defensively, in fact he termed as “adequate” in most ratings. His arm is average. What Montero is however is a power hitting machine. He can drive the ball out of any park in any direction. Oh, he can hit for average too – at least in the minors. I fully believe he will do it in the majors too. I think Montero will develop into a solid .285 hitter that drives in 80-100 depending on who is ahead of him and will pop 25-30 homers each year. For the Mariners he is a phenomenal pickup. he will do a great job for them.

This is good for Montero too. With the Yankees, he would have been a part-time DH. He is not ready to assume even the backup role as a major league catcher yet. He can’t play the outfield, ad he can’t play first. Any talk of Montero as a RF”er is crazy. he doesn’t have those skills in his toolbox. With the Yankees, it would take 2-3 years to play regularly anywhere. If you like Jesus, like this deal for him.

For the Yankees, who have high end catching prospects for days behind Martin and Cervelli, this eases up the logjam a little. The Yankees never planned for Montero to be a full season DH. he was going to share that with A-Rod, Jeter a little more than the last few years, Teixiera when he needs a blow and maybe even Martin, Swisher and a half day for Cano now and then. For the Yankees, there is no real need for a dedicated full time DH – particularly when you don’t know for sure if this will be a year when Montero would have sufficiently produced.

Getting Michael Pineda though…now that is huge. Suddenly a rotation filled with Question marks has a less pressing – who are my 5 guys? Sabathia will be the ace followed by the newly acquired Kuroda in the #2 hole. I would guess that Bunett gets the #3 job until he can be traded – if  that can happen at all. That leaves Hughes, Pineda, Nova and Garcia competing for 2 spots – forget the Killer B’s for now.Garcia can be the long man, but there is almost no doubt that Pineda will hold a spot meaning either Nova or Hughes is the odd man out. Now that is a problem worth having.

In one night, the Yankees addressed their pitching needs vigorously. This was a huge night. They got great value for Montero straight up – not as part of a package which had been the normal route of conversation previously. Noesi and Campos went with him, but this deal really has little to do with them. That is more a mater of freeing up roster space which with the Yankees is always an issue. They are nice players, but in this deal they equate to warm bodies. Not like when everyone wanted Montero with Hughes or chamberlain.  They strengthened the bullpen by having Garcia as a reliable long man possible spot starter. They made room for Romine to maybe get some work. They made sure that their regulars have plenty of half days to DH as needed. This was a WS favorite making night.


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