Bud Selig – Please go watch some paint dry

11 Jan

I’m not terribly ashamed to admit that I am a fan of Bud Selig as the MLB commish. It’s easy to take potshots at him, and the steroid era will be linked to him forever even though it began a couple commissioners before. He was holding the bag – it’s al his now. Revenues are up for owners no matter what the asshat in Miami might say. Players haven’t had to start applying for food stamps – there are plenty of big money contracts floating around – more than there should be based on performance actually. I wasn’t sold on expanding the playoffs, but it has made the end of the season fun. Being such a big fan of Bud, how could I want him to retire?

The answer is pretty simple – it’s time for change. The office should not be something you hold until your being planted in the ground. Bud has taken the game far – and no matter how much I want to dislike him, he has done a good job for owners, players and fans. Baseball is fun again. The All-Star game “Counting” is a crock of steaming crap, but everyone screws the pooch now and then. The All-Star game is Bud’s poodle.

Bud is 77. He is nearing closing a multi-year deal. Probably 2 years, but who really knows? I don’t think Bud is going to take a dirt nap in the next 2 years, but his number has to be getting close. It would seem to make more sense to bring in some fresh blood and give them a fresh start. I mean, Bud was going to retire in 2006 – something he said in 2003! Then he was going to retire in 2009. Then he was going to retire after the 2011 season – possibly. Then after 2012, and now it seems we’ll have Bud until 2014. That might be okay if you’re talking about some really potent Sao Paulo North Shore tripweed, but c’mon!

For 20 years now, Bud has been retiring. He always said he would never accept the job full time. He’s always been the “interim” – except that he had a contract. I get that the $20 mil or so he yanks down every year is nice – hell I’d like it. The thing is, Bud doesn’t need it. While baseball did need Bud for awhile, and he did serve well, baseball doesn’t need him now. It’s time to bring in some fresh eyes and establish a new regime. Before bud drops dead in office or anything.


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