Jorge Posada to the Phils? Rays? O’s? Jorge – hang it up!

30 Dec

Believe it or not, aside from Mike Piazza, Jorge Posada has been one of the most offensively potent catchers to play the game in the 90’s and 00’s. Posada hit for power, drove in runs, served as a switch hitting situational pitching killer and he hit for enough of an average to not be black hole. As a hitter, Posada was not a bad guy to have in your lineup. As an actual catcher, the defensive end of the game, he was a waste. He didn’t block balls well. He didn’t throw particularly well, although he did have a decent season or two in that area. He didn’t handle pitchers at all well. That didn’t matter much though – he hit and that was what was being looked for.

The Yankees had veteran pitchers for the most part that were fully capable of calling their own game. They scored enough runs that they could forgive some hustle runs created by Jorge’s inability to manage the opposition’s running game. It was a trade off. it was on that worked well, because the Yankees took 4 WS titles with Jorge behind the plate. Actually, it was more like 3 1/2, but why nitpick? Now those years are over.

if you believe the rumors, Jorge is being courted by several teams. The rays, Phillies and Orioles have been somewhat open about it. The rest are pretty much mystery teams. Who knows what the actual interest in a 40 something ex-catcher that takes exception to the DH role is. Let’s look at what makes sense, what doesn’t and why Jorge just needs to quietly retire.

The Phillies make no sense. No NL team makes any sense. Aside from being a DH for interleague play and maybe a third string catcher, Posada has no business in the NL. No matter how bad a team’s situation may be, Jorge is not the answer. He’s going to be too expensive to fill that Interleague DH/Pinch hitter/Emergency defensive player role. Beyond the money issue, his ego can’t handle that. Any rumor of an NL team should just be disregarded. Signing him would be conceding a roster slot.

The Rays are not a good fir either. They could use an extra veteran catcher hanging around, but Jorge? He offers nothing in regard to maturing young pitchers. He wouldn’t DH for the Yankees for $13m/year, so why would he for the rays at maybe – in bizarro world – $3m tops for the Rays? He can’t play first well enough to be a legit backup there. I doubt he could catch more than 45 “quality” games if his life depended on it at this point. So what is the logic behind signing him? getting a name brand – even if the product is expired? The Rays are shrewder than that. Toss this rumor under the bus.

The orioles are intriguing. The orioles need help all over the place. Posada wouldn’t be much help though. Wieters is not going to be replaced by Posada. Period. For the remaining reasons he won’t work, see everything listed with the Rays. That doesn’t mean it may not happen though. They will overpay for his services if anyone will. Right field at Camden could be his friend. He may draw a few fans for a few weeks – he’s still a minor name.

I can understand not wanting to let it all go and retire. But Jorge, you’ve made tens of millions of dollars. You have nothing left to prove. You will never be a starter again unless it is as a DH, and then only until a better option arrives. Your skills have deteriorated massively. You are considered a clubhouse cancer by many, just overly passionate by others. It is time to stop.


Go back to Yankee Stadium for hip hip Jorge day.

Throw out a first pitch.

Play at old timer’s games.

Show up for spring training as an instructor.

Just let it go.

Playing for another team at this time with those diminished skills is npt going to achieve anything. You may think it is giving the Steinbrenner’s the finger, but in reality it is giving the fans that supported you for years the finger. Supported you when you were wrong. Supported you when you whined. Supported you when you refused to play. Supported you in 2011 when you played like crap on toast all year. Don’t give us the finger – if you do you will never be cheered in Yankee Stadium.


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